Random Happy Foundation

Random Happies is a grassroots program founded by Sunny Hope Robichaux to meet the mental health and well being needs of sharing time, space, and random goods/services based on intuitive and/or identified needs of individuals, households, and communities.

Resources are acquired and shared through volunteer and donation cooperatives/collectives.

Every human being deserves happiness, inasmuch as the individual is willing and able to accept it. We offer smiles, kind words/honest compliments, a meal, a cup of coffee and conversation, clothing, household items, art, art supplies, and most other in kind or service based resources.

We also compile and create rapport with existing and emerging individual and community resources to identify and provide referrals for unidentified and/or underserved individuals, households and groups who may be uncomfortable with traditional nonprofits and/or local, state, federal and/or religious groups.

Sunny Robichaux has contributed her talents in retail and service marketing, alternative and holistic wellness, fundraising, educational trainings/workshops, public speaking, mentorship, ministry and so much more.

Current Initiatives:

  • Collaborative Efforts with Black Wolf Society and Ninety Nine Plus One Ministries, both of Southeast Louisiana
  • Creating disaster response workshops and events to entertain and provide moments of pause to those experiencing hardships from disasters and/or major life events
  • Community Chest Program, allows for financial and/or in kind donation resource assistance based on availability of current resources and identified individual and/or community needs.