What is a Random Happy anyway ?

Random Happies is a concept I experienced through my Reiki Master, friend, mentor and colleague: Sunny Hope Robichaux, MBA, MW, RMT.

In her own words, “Random Happies came about as a way to explain the ‘giving spirit’ that is wild and consistent in everyone, AND to spark joy, for a moment or maybe longer, one person at a time.

A smile, an honest compliment, a little gift, a meal, a phone call, moving someone else ahead in line… So many examples, yet so many more to come.

Sunny Hope mentioned a Random Happies challenge to me when I was on a recent visit home in the New Orleans area, and before she could speak further, I said, “I’m in!”

So the idea is to do something to bring ‘random happy’ to one person every day. Pay attention to your intuition and practice sensing WHO you are being guided to call, visit or gift who is present in your life OR someone see or encounter in your day. The challenge is to choose a day, week, month, quarter, year AND share joy through Random Happies.

Healing and wellness station offering, massage, sound Healing, Reiki, Virtual Reality Meditation Experiences via Occulus, Nicotine Cessation, Literature on Philosophy, Chakra Cleansing and THE INCEPTION OF THE RANDOM HAPPY BOWL

A few weeks after I returned to Denver, I was invited to participate in an event where I set up a healing and wellness station


I brought a little extra (lagniappe, in New Orleans speak) and the Random Happy Bowl was born. The random happy bowl is a sensory experience. There IS something in there for YOU. While putting your hand into a large bowl covered with a sheet your senses of feel allow you select the item in the bowl that is for YOU. The bowl was filled with all sorts of goodies from random silk ties to bow ties to lighters to painted rocks and even a real silver coin worth $5.

While sharing photos with Sunny Hope, we reflected on many ways that Random Happies has grown and developed since its’ naming in 2002, AND there is more to come…

I believe in the Random Happy concept because of how it affected me and helped me on my personal journey. As Divinator of Random Happies, I carry the spark of joy with me, and I encourage YOU to be sure to GIVE A RANDOM HAPPY to someone today!